Baby Lab


At the Infant Development Lab in the Psychology Department, we explore how learning occurs in the first few years of life.

Our current topics include: action and perception, cultural experience in early learning, theory of mind, and young children's use of technology.

How to Participate

We keep your name and address on file ONLY if you have taken the initiative to contact us, and only if you have indicated further interest in participating in our research. All information is kept secure and not shared with anyone else. Participants in our studies are identified by number rather than by name in research records. All records and data are treated as confidential.

Or contact us by phone or email
(831) 459-5596

During Your Visit

Our research assistants will first meet you at the designated parking space and help you enter our building.

Giving Your "Informed Consent"

We will ask you to fill out an information sheet while your baby becomes familiar with the environment. Next, we will tell you about the study and answer your questions. You will then be asked to read and sign the consent form, indicating that you have been informed about the procedures involved and are giving permission for your baby's participation.

Show Time!

Your baby will be seated on your lap during the whole session.

In some of our studies, your baby will watch a 5-minute show presented on a small stage. The show includes a "magic event" that violates a physical concept (e.g., gravity). Research assistants will observe your baby's reactions to the show to see if your baby notices the violation.

In other studies, your baby will be given toys to play with. We design a "game" that requires cognitive reasoning and see if babies are able to solve the problem in the game. In this case, we measure infants' exploratory behavior by recording and coding their responses in the game.

What Happens to the Data?

The results of our studies will be presented at a professional conference and  published in a scientific journal. In all cases, no personal information will be revealed in the presentation. A summary of the results for parents will also be made available on our website.